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"Architect as a instrument for change" Nadia Tromp

Through defining difficult questions around healthcare, public space, equity for all and education. Through testing ideas, collecting data and learning through past successes and failures, the practice has demonstrated positive results in changing the status quo. 


In our healthcare  facilities, the control of infectious diseases has increased dramatically. Lead by Nadia, the primary design focus has been on creating a clinic model which reduces the spread of airborne diseases.


Over the past 10 years Ntsika has designed and built 14 healthcare facilities in and around Johannesburg, a research centre for the WITS University reproductive health and AIDS unit (WRHI) and was shortlisted for her design for the Nelson Mandela Children’s hospital, in collaboration with Consultium and Brunet Saunier Architects.  



Tower with context.jpg


The exploration of solar chimney birthed these green towers, giving Delhi an effective ventilating system while generating energy.



Icon brings a different approach to how a building can take new forms on unique context showing the journey of story of Mandela reflected in the materiality of the architecture, creating internal spaces that move the soul.

Nairobi - 05 copy.jpeg


'Generobi' aims to help produce food and energy in the most economic and Eco friendly way possible. It also considers a mixed use model of live, work, play. Thus allowing the market vendors the opportunity to live above their place of work and creating social amenities that are scarce in this environment. 

Nadia Tromp 00277_1.jpg

REFUGE time space existence

‘Refuge’ responds to the migrant crisis in Europe and the state of homelessness of millions of people. It reflects on the situation in South Africa, where a similar state of homelessness is common place. 

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