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Ntsika Architects is one of the few 100% black female owned and run practices in South Africa. 


We believe we have an important role to play, as architects, in the shaping of the environment in which we live, in order to create better life for all. Ntsika Architects is a design-driven practice that strives at becoming a ‘model of excellence’ in every respect of design and business. We are committed to designing great buildings for our clients and improving the environment for the end-users and greater public. We believe that good design transforms the quality of the environment and aim to provide an architecture that is innovative, sustainable, an imaginative response to context and a pleasure to experience. 

Our primary focus is on advocating social justice through architectural practice and built form. Through the lens of social justice, our research focuses is the interrogation of the lack of quality public spaces and buildings within marginalized communities in Johannesburg. Our built projects challenge this status quo and starts to redefine the role of the architect within the South African context. 




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Our philosophy is to provide an architecture that is humane, equitable, accessible and a delight to engage with.



As a young boy I was always interested in architecture but I never knew that this interest had a name and that it could be studied at a university. My neighbour, who was a draftsman, would let me take some of his designs, copy them and sometimes try to improve on them. It was only in High school that I discovered that this passion was called "Architecture". It did not make sense at the time because I thought I already knew what I was doing. Fast forward a few years after high school I got my qualification and I am now a Professional Architectural Technologist. Most people are still surprised that I had to go to University for something I already had experience in. 



I have always believed that people who have the ability to shape the built environment have the responsibility to do so with care. As a designer and a teacher, I believe we as architects have the ability to activate that change, creating spaces and strategies which tackle the difficulties which exist in our society and country. We are very fortunate to have this skill and use it to its full potential. As a South African, I see the complexity and questions which exists here. There is a richness which we have to be a part of. As an architect, I have the ability to tap into this richness, activate the change I see in my country and shape the built environment around me. 



Everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to the body and soul. The privilege to provide that for clients is my Ultimate satisfaction.



Whatever Nadia says.



As I have grown architecture seemed to me, the most fantastic combination between engineer and artist, and today I stand by my choice. I am just going into the working world but I believe I am working with the right people and in the right field. I consider the years ahead to be filled with challenges, opposition and conflict. I will enjoy solving and overcoming everything with the help of people around me.



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